quarta-feira, fevereiro 28, 2007

Hip Hop A Tribute To Urban Culture (2006)

Released by: AndreycoSK

Purple Codeine 9.99 (2007)

Artist: Dj Envy
Album: Purple Codeine 9.99
Genre: Rap Mixtape
Year: 2007

Released by: Datpiff

terça-feira, fevereiro 27, 2007

Myspace Hip-hop Compilation Vol.1 (2007)

Artist: Dj Erupt
Album: Myspace Compilation Vol.1
Genre: Hip Hop Mixtape
Year: 2007

Released by: Datpiff

segunda-feira, fevereiro 26, 2007

Collision Course (2007)

Artist: Dj Judge Metal
Album: Collision Course
Genre: Hip Hop Mixtape
Year: 2007

Released by: Dat Piff

The Dipset Movement (2007)

Artist: DJ Trigga
Album: The Dipset Movement
Genre: Hip Hop Mixtape
Year: 2007

Released by: BWS

Lil Wayne - The Greatest Rapper Alive (2007)

Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: The Greatest Rapper Alive
Genre: Rap Bootleg
Year: 2007

Ali Vegas - I Got My Glow Back (2007)

Artist: Ali Vegas
Album: I Got My Glow Back
Genre: Hip Hop Bootleg
Year: 2007

Released by: WHOA

Ali Vegas - The Lost Files (2007)

Artist: Ali Vegas
Album: The Lost Files
Genre: Hip Hop Bootleg
Year: 2007

Released by: EBJ

The Clean Up Man (2007)

Artist: Young Buck / Dj Whoo Kid / Lebron James
Album: The Clean Up Man / G-Unit Radio 24
Genre: Rap Mixtape
Year: 2007

domingo, fevereiro 25, 2007

DJ Revolution - In 12's We Trust


02.Work Of A Master
03.The Backbone
07.Any Station USA
08.Take Over
09.Copycat Killers
10.Street Cred.
11.The Revolution
13.Head 2 Head
14.Juggle Me Part 2
16.Dynamic Duo
17.Debate Part 2
18.Ultimate Weapon
19.Rhythm Control

Artist: Dj Revolution
Album: In 12's We Trust
Genre: HH Turntablism
Year: 2000

Upload by: REVIN12

sábado, fevereiro 24, 2007

The Incredible Hulk (2007)

Artist: DJ Coolbreeze & DJ White Mike
Album: The Incredible Hulk
Genre: Rap Bootleg
Year: 2007

Released by: RAGEMP3

Boyz N Da Hood - Real Nigga Radio (2007)


02.Whats Hannin
03.Zoe Skit
05.RNR Speaks
07.Make It Rain
08.RNR Speaks
09.RNR Song
10.Block Skit
11.Run Up In Da Bank
12.Zoe Skit
13.Hood Nigga
14.RNR Speaks
15.Stay Fly
16.T.I. Skit
17.Fuckk U
18.Bigga Rankin And Block Skit
19.Gd Up
20.RNR Speaks
21.Take Ur Shoes Off
22.Block Skit
23.Born N Raised

Artist: Boyz N Da Hood
Album: Real Nigga Radio
Genre: Rap Bootleg
Year: 2007

Released by: RAGEMP3

Usher - The Very Best Of (2006)

Artist: Usher
Album: Best Of
Genre: R&B Bootleg
Year: 2006

Upload by Retne

sexta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2007

50 Cent - Whoo Kid Best Of (2007)

Artist: Dj Whoo Kid
Album: 50Cent Best Of
Genre: Rap Mixtape
Year: 2007

quinta-feira, fevereiro 22, 2007

Boys II Man - Throwback (2004)


1. Let It Whip
2. Let's Stay Together
3. What You Won't Do For Love
4. Cutie Pie
5. Close The Door
6. For The Love Of You
7. Sara Smile
8. Human Nature
9. Time Will Reveal
10. I Miss You
11. You Make Me Feel Brand New

Artist: Boys II Men
Album: Throwback
Genre: R&B
Year: 2004

Released by: Mp3Explosion

Money Mo - A-1 Product (2007)


01. Trapaholic ft. Yo Gotti Gucci Mane
02. Cha Ching
03. White Bitch Ft. D.G. Yola
04. Jumpin Out The Ziplock
05. Grapey Ft. Gucci Mane
06. Big Trappin Big Servin
07. Fool On The Block Ft. Gucci Mane
08. Aerobics Class (Prod. By Killa C)
09. Got It All The Time Ft. Gangsta Boo
10. Gettin 2 The Money Ft. Baby D
11. I Got The Ft. Pastor Troy
12. Make My Pay (Prod. By Drumma Boy)
13. A Town Official (Prod. By Killa C)
14. Mo Money Mo Murder (Prod. By Killa C)
15. Streets R So Wicked
16. Street Sweep
17. Opportunity

Artist: Money Mo
Album: A-1 Product
Genre: Rap Bootleg
Year: 2007

Released by: RAGEMP3

quarta-feira, fevereiro 21, 2007

X-Clan - Return From Mecca (2007)


01. Intro
02. Aragorn
03. Voodoo
04. Hovercraft Intro
05. Why U Doin That?
06. Weapon X
07. Speak The Truth
08. Positrons
09. Mecca
10. Prisons
11. Atonement
12. Brother, Brother
13. Funky 4 U
14. Self Destruct
15. Space People
16. Trump Card
17. To The East
18. Locomotion
19. Americans
20. 3rd Eyes On Me
21. Culture United
22. Bonus Track 1

Artist: X-Clan
Album: Return From Mecca
Genre: Hip Hop
Year: 2007

G-Unit - 50 Cent Is The Future (2006)


01. U Should Be Here
02. Bump Dat Street Mix
03. Banks Workout
04. Whoo Kid Kayslay SH'T!
05. 50 Cent Just F*cking Around
06. G Unit Soldiers
07. Got Me a Bottle
08. Tony Yayo Explosion
09. Clue/50
10. Lil Bit of Everything U.T.P.
11. Cut Master C Shit
12. Call Me
13. 50/Banks
14. Surrounded by Hoes
15. G Unit That's What's Up!
16. Bad News

Released by: FEFE2003

Omarion - O


01. I Wish
02. Touch
03. O
04. I'm Tryna
05. Drop That Heater
06. Growing Pains
07. Take It Off
08. Never Gonna Let You Go
09. I Know
10. I'm Gon' Change
11. In The Dark
12. Slow Dancin'
13. Fiening You

Artist: Omarion
Album: O
Genre: Hip Hop
Year: 2005

Released by: Aznmami

Public Enemy - Fight The Power (2007)


01 - Brothers Gonna Work it Out
02 - Welcome to the Terrordome
03 - Bring the Noise
04 - Son of A Bush
05 - Shut 'em Down
06 - Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos
07 - He Got Game
08 - Revolverlution
09 - 911 is A Joke [
10 - Public Enemy #1
11 - Give it Up
12 - Don't Believe the Hype
13 - Rebel Without A Pause
14 - Fight the Power (Soul Power)

Password: trippy

Gang Starr - Mass Appeal - Best Of

Artist: Gang Starr
Album: Mass Appeal
Genre: Hip Hop
Year: 2006

terça-feira, fevereiro 20, 2007

Notorious B.I.G. - Ready 2 Die


02.Things Done Changed
03.Gimme the Loot
04.Machine Gun Funk
06.Ready to Die
07.One More Chance
08.#!*@ Me (Interlude)
09.The What (feat. Method Man)
11.Everyday Struggle
12.Me & My Bitch
13.Big Poppa
14.Respect 5:21
15.Friend of Mine
17.Suicidal Thoughts

Artist: Notorious B.I.G.
Album: Ready 2 Die
Genre: Hip Hop
Year: 1994